Day One (Again)

On June 9, 2014, I started the “100 Day Sober Challenge” and I was successful! I made my 100 days plus at least another 60. I became comfortable with being sober and believed that I could drink in moderation. Now, I am drinking again on a daily basis.

I started this blog to journal daily and to be accountable to “someone.” Tomorrow will be my new day one.


4 thoughts on “Day One (Again)”

  1. Oh jeez, this scares me so much:( I am on day 63 of my 100 day challenge and know I can do it, but I’m really hoping to moderate after completing the challenge. I am learning a lot about the perils of moderation, but a part of me pushes back. I only want to drink weekends! I was so good at limiting to weekends just a year or so before I started drinking daily! It was very much triggered by an upsetting situation that has since settled down! Anyway, that’s why your story scares me so. I am so glad you are doing well though. Would welcome your insight although I think I’ll know what it will be. xo


  2. I can only speak for myself, but moderation didn’t work for me. At one time in my life I barely drank. Later I only drank every now and then. Then I started drinking more freqently which turned into every night for years. I would wake up the next day telling myself I wouldn’t drink that evening only to lose my resolve once 4 or 5 came around. By the evening I had myself convinced that I really didn’t have a problem. But one glass was never enough. I made sure that I had wine in the house, and I would hide and sneak. I read an article in Good Housekeeping about a woman who quit drinking by blogging. She mentioned Belle (tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.) So I contacted Belle, but I still didn’t quit for about 6 months. She continued to contact me and finally I was able to quit. Finding this blogging world has been the only way I have found to be successful at quitting. I never tried AA though, which I know has been helpful to many.
    Once I tried moderation after my first 100 days, I found myself back to the exact same drinking pattern before I knew it. After the holidays and New Years was the point where I was back to square one. After several more attempts, I made my second 100 days and I am working on 180 now. I’m not sure what day I’m on, but I can refer back to one of my emails from Belle and figure it out. I’m thinking maybe 120.
    Anyway, congratulations on 63 days!
    I hope this helps. Keep in touch. Your contacting me helps me also!


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