Day 7

I made it through the week still sober. I am back at work after Spring break. A glass of wine really sounded good yesterday after work, but I didn’t have one. I went for a run, poured myself more than one grapefruit Perrier, ate more snacks than I needed, read a lot of blogs and the craving passed. Today was easier.

That’s all for now.


6 thoughts on “Day 7”

  1. Good job! Congrats. Isn’t it nice when the craving passes? I too am finding myself turning to fancy grapefruit sodas. I like Joia. Ginger ale too – the strong stuff. At first I thought I was eating more on the sober nights…but then during my few lapses I noticed I really was eating a lot when tipsy too, probably more than sober. Drinking gives me fewer inhibitions about eating (and eating junk), and a bottomless appetite, not to mention all the calories from alcohol (not that I’m counting while I’m worrying about how to stay sober).


    1. Yes I agree with you about the snacking. Most likely I am still taking in way less calories. I’m just concerned with staying sober. Yes, it feels good when the craving passes. Thanks for the support.


  2. Like you, I return to the “real world” tomorrow, my day 9, after a week off for Spring Break. I can almost guarantee that after my 10 hr day tomorrow, nothing will sound better than a couple shots and a glass of wine. I hope, know, that I too, will be strong enough to let that craving pass. Nicely done! I may have to try the Perrier and grapefruit- you’re not the first I’ve read who replaced their wine with that. Cheers to passing cravings!


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