Two Things

Two things I want to share that I have added to my life to focus on instead of drinking…yoga and essential oils. For now, this has taken up space in my mind instead of thinking about having (or not having) a glass of wine. Don’t get me wrong, the cravings still come, but making positive changes helps me.

I ordered an essential oils kit and I am really enjoying looking at what oils help what. I am ordering roller bottles, buying carrier oils while out shopping, putting scents in my new diffuser to help my family and myself calm down, focus, be happy, etc..

I’m on day 4 of the 30 day yoga challenge. I am working through taking my time, working at my own pace,  not pushing myself to fast, but I am truly looking forward to seeing how I feel after 30 days.

Happy Easter!


6 thoughts on “Two Things”

    1. I found out about the yoga challenge from watergirlblognz. It is online. You can google 30 days of yoga with Adrienne.
      I am using Young Living essential oils. I got into that through a co-worker. I use either Stress Away, Lavender, or Joy in the diffuser. Stress away is a combination of lime, vanilla, lavendar and Copaiba. Joy is a combination of a bunch of oils including Ylang Ylang, Rose, Chamomile. I’m new to it so I am discovering all it can do. My 18 has ADHD, anger, anxiety. I just ordered some other oils that I didn’t have in the kit I ordered that will help him. He loves the diffuser.

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      1. I’m finding the Yoga is providing me with much more than I thought it would when I began. It’s giving me an unexpected sense of purpose. I’m enjoying it much more than I thought I might too.
        It’s wonderful the essential oils are giving you and your son so much. Xx

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  1. I love essential oils. Especially wintergreen on my joints. And clary save for anti anxiety in the diffuser.

    I carry around peppermint for upset stomach and headaches. It works!


    1. That’s great! A lot of people are already using these oils. I’ve been interested for a while, but trying to figure out where to find quality oils. So now that I think I have found some good quality, I am learning how to use them. I’m excited!


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