I’ve started the 30 day yoga challenge (thanks Water Girl NZ) for stress relief. I’ve done yoga off and on but not daily. I feel more relaxed after the workout, but I’ve noticed I am feeling bad during yoga, kind of nauseous and a nauseous headache if that makes sense. Actually today my stomach was kind of upset all day. I’m wondering what is going on in my body and I’m hoping someone experienced with yoga out there can give me some insight into this situation. Is this normal and will it pass? But it may have nothing to do with yoga at all. I’m always trying to analyze if I’ve done something to myself by drinking too much for too long…something toxic in my body, my liver perhaps. I’ve imagined worse!


4 thoughts on “Yoga”

  1. I would give your body lots of time to recover. PAWS can impact you for a long time.
    Sometimes deep breathing might make you feel dizzy.
    Keep going. Yoga is a great way to connect with your body and to relax.


  2. Hi there! How far are you into sobriety? As has already been mentioned PAWS could be the reason? Or maybe it’s just that you’re trying to hard with the breathing which can make you dizzy and then nauseous? I agree, keep going but maybe just aim for what works for your body and not what the ego thinks we should be doing (my problem!) If dizzy during, stop whatever you’re doing and take a minute in child’s pose. Keep us posted! Xo


    1. I am on day 26 now, the second time around. Last June I started the 100 day challenge. I made it to around November without drinking. Then I foolishly tried to moderate, after so much success. By New Years I was back to drinking every day. 26 days ago I started again on day 1, after a couple more tries. Thank you and I am going to keep going on the daily yoga, keeping in mind to take it easier. I will let you know how things go.

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