I am not very good at talking about myself. I’m good at listening and one on one conversation, but larger groups I don’t do so well. Writing about my feelings, my day’s events, or what is really going on with me is hard. I’m trying to figure out how to get the most out of blogging for my growth as a person and for sober success, and to share if someone happens to read what I have to say. I really find it hard to share who I am and because of this, I often feel as if I don’t belong. This mean critic inside my self keeps telling me I have nothing to offer others in their sober journey, that what I have to say is “stupid.” I believe that is why it has been my comfort to sit and drink every night, isolating myself from others. This belief about myself has affected me for as long as I can remember in all areas of my life.

I have a lot of work to do, and I know it will take a long time to work through this. “We invite compassion into our lives when we act compassionately toward ourselves and others, and we feel connected in our lives when we reach out and connect.”(Brene Brown)  Sounds simple but not so much for me. I have to remind myself of this over and over again. Me- I’m practicing compassion toward myself and others and I’m connecting by reaching out to others.


8 thoughts on “me”

  1. Brene brown is so wise.
    I think connection is the key. Just wrote what you are feeling. I definitely felt just like you do in the beginning. Alone sucks. There are lots of us here to make sure you have company.


  2. I completely understand. I think we often feel that we have to be something other than how we are to belong. Not true. You belong as you and you’re valued as you. And if you’re a good listener then you have a rare gift, but your voice is just as much a gift, just as it is. X


  3. Your writings help meeeeeee! I think the beauty of blogging is that it truly is a moment by moment account of yourself learning to know yourself. The cool thing about putting it out there is that anybody contemplating, new to, or veterans of sobriety has had to rediscover, re-design, and re-invent themselves. This make it all so relate-able. You often say things I have yet to put words to and it allows for more introspection on my part after reading it. Thank you and keep it up!


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