Graduation to for my son was yesterday and it was awesome! My son has really struggled emotionally, especially through high school. But, he had a good day and was happy about family members coming for his special a day.

I slept so good last night and woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of peace. I guess I’ve been more stressed than I realised and so has my son. Ive had so many emotions involving his struggles, especially fear for his future. Also sadness about his social experiences and relationships.

I am so grateful that I stayed sober through out. Drinking really doesn’t help and only makes matters worse. I have a lot of work to do on myself, but I’m happy to be approaching 100 days!


7 thoughts on “graduation”

  1. I’m glad things are going so good for you! I know you must feel at ease now that graduation is over! I have made it to day32 now! I’m soooo tired everyday though, I’m wondering if I’m tired from having a hard time falling asleep at night or if I’m starting to feel depressed. I do have these feelings of sadness that I will not be drinking wine at parties and weddings this summer, I know it sounds crazy! Did you feel this overwhelming tired/sad feeling?


    1. What you are going through is not crazy. It is part of withdrawal. How long did you drink before you quit? I have felt the tiredness and sad feelings and still do at times. I think just remembering that this is part of the withdrawal and it will get better helps. Take care of yourself by exercising, yoga, or activities that you love. And plan alternate drinks. I have also “missed” wine. But the longer you are wine free the easier it will get. Next week will mark the 100 day point for me. I tried moderation before, but it didn’t work for me. Keep reaching out. You reaching out to me helps me also! I feel there is someone that cares and I’m not alone in my struggles.
      Congratulations making it 32 days! That is awesome!

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  2. From a sober mom perspective I love reading that you got through it all sober. From a mom perspective, I am reading this with a heavy heart. My son is just finishing his freshman year in high school (he’s my oldest) and HS has brought so many new challenges. I believe in my sobriety, so that doesn’t seem the issue, but wow is parenting difficult. I still have much to learn. Just found your blog and excited to read more of your journey. Lisa


    1. Thank you Lisa. I have posted some things about my son that I have stressed over, because I think I must look like a really bad mom saying these things. His teen years have been really hard because he has been so angry. Before that, we were always so close. With his ADHD and social issues, I have always been his advocate. That is why it has been so hard hearing some of the things he says, and wondering where they come from. When my husband and I have tried to communicate with him, he screams at us. I’m not saying we are perfect because I would love to know how to approach him. I have been told it is the way he is wired. We have tried counseling only to be told that he is uninterested in being helped. I find myself quietly backing down when he starts screaming. My husband takes a more “back at you” approach. My husband and I have not agreed over the years. The dynamics of our family have been tense at times. Because of some of his problems, I have felt isolated. For years I have ended my day drinking, day after day. Hiding the amount of drinking. Feeling more isolated. So, thank you for responding.

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