Rewards and tools

For now, sweet rewards have become by best friend, along with self-care. I know that eventually I will have to replace sweet treats with non food rewards. But for now, it is something to look forward to that is non alcoholic. Other tools that I am using for success is a daily walk paired with listening to podcasts, a nice bath, reading blogs, and going to bed early.


2 thoughts on “Rewards and tools”

  1. Alcohol is a massive hit of sugar. I wouldn’t worry about eating sugar for a while. When I was newly sober, I ate a huge snickers bar every single day – and still lost 30 lbs. in my first 90 days. Booze is very high cal, and high sugar.

    I am a big fan of AA, it is how I got sober. If you find a meeting you like, it is amazing how much you can look forward to that.


    1. Yes, I really look forward to allowing myself some sort of sweet reward in the evening. It fills the void and I don’t feel deprived.
      I haven’t tried AA but I would love to have more activities with non drinking friends.


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